Real Estate Division
The Law Firm of Paul C. Nguyen also has a
Real Estate Department which caters to
Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate.  The
department has experienced Real Estate
Agents, headed by Mr. Paul C. Nguyen as the
Broker, who can help our clients find and sell
residential and commercial properties.
The Law Firm of Paul C. Nguyen  is not only a law firm but we are a full service Real Estate
Brokerage Company (d.b.a. PCN REALTY & INVESTMENTS).  We assist clients in all aspects
of the real estate business from negotiating price terms, submitting offers to purchase, finding
financing, to settling contract disputes.  

As an active real estate investor, Mr. Nguyen understands the importance and need of financing
and the many issues that can arise.  Even in these tough turbulent times of the real estate
market, the combined experiences of the NHT Law Group can assist clients in finding the
necessary financing that is needed.  We are a partnered and affiliated with several unique
lending institutions that can help anyone find financing.  We understand the nature of  FICO
scores and how to improve it.  We can counsel clients on how to improve their credit scores in
order to get the financing they need.

At the Law Firm of Paul C. Nguyen, you will not only get experienced Real Estate Brokers and
Agents to negotiate your deals, but you will also get the force of a Law Firm on your side.  Call
us with your real estate problems for a free consultation to see if we can help.
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