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Often times, unexpected life changing events such as a divorce, loss of a job,
medical issues, or a reduction in income causes us to be behind in our bills,
our mortgage, and our finances.  We struggle to keep financially afloat.  Here,
at the NHT Law Group, we understand and we can help!

In this brutal and unforgiving times where the unemployment rate is sky high,
consumers are left with the question: "Where is my bailout!"

We understand your needs and concerns and are here to fight for you!  You
have options!   Don't be afraid of creditors.  At the NHT Law Group, we have
years of experience in dealing with creditor harassment, judgments, and
wage garnishments.  We can help you stop them all and get your life back on

There are many options you can take.  If we find that Bankruptcy is the best
option for you, then an experienced Attorney, headed by Mr. Paul C. Nguyen,  
will handle your case and be there with you from the beginning of the process
to the end.  

What is Bankruptcy?:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a Code in the Federal Bankruptcy Law that allows
consumers and businesses to start over.  In essence, it allows you to wipe
your debts clean.  You legally won't have to pay anyone the debts you have
incurred.  Although new bankruptcy rules have changed somewhat, we can
help you navigate through the new laws and see if you meet the criteria. More
often than not, clients of the NHT Law Group have no problem filing and
getting their debts fully discharged.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is an alternative to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  In the event
that a person or business makes beyond the threshold limit and have debts
that are not fully dischargeable, Chapter 13 allows the debtor to pay back the
debts in a more reasonable manner under a reduced schedule outlined by
the court based upon the income and debt of the debtor.

Bankruptcy may not be for everyone.  However, when life throws you a curve
ball and you have no other choice, call us!  We can help. Call us for a
consultation and we will give you an honest and thorough assessment of your